Feb 26, 2013

Think Green: Part 1

Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner! It's time to think GREEN! I've put together 3 different outfits in honor of this day. I'll be posting the other 2 outfits in the weeks to follow. I call this first outfit the "Daytime chill outfit". Going to school or work in a casual environment? This is great because you can stay comfty in a pair of lovely loafers. Tell me what you think of the combination :)

Leopard Loafers: Can be purchased Here
Michael Kors Handbag: Michael Kors! duh :p Maybe if you're lucky you can find it on Ebay
Distressed Jeans: Can be purchased Here
Green Scarf: Can be purchased Here (last I check they were out of stock :( but i'm sure you can find a green scarf anywhere)
Graphic Tee: Can be purchased Here
White Blazer: Can be purchased Here(H&M)

Stay tuned for more combo's of GREEN :)


  1. I have always loved St. Patrick's Day because my birthday is the day before!!!! I love the green with the blazer and leopard loafers!! Very cute and casual!! Great combo!! Loving the neon green!!


  2. Lucky your birthday is around an awesome day :) thanks for the feedback darling :) xoxo

    1. The white blazer on here is so cute and I like the scarf also! I absolutely love St. Patricks Day, I live in New Jersey near Belmar and we have a hugeeeee parade. Do you go to parades or do anything? What would you wear? I normally just go for leggings tucked into boots and a festive green oxford. xo!


  3. love those light jeans and leopard flats! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. It's adorable! Hope you will stop by mine! Annddd, I'm your newest follower hey hey hey!

    xo, Kelsey Belle


  4. looooove those leopard flats!!!! gonna check them out now! thanks girl :)

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  5. nice stuff! love that loafers

  6. I LOVE this! The loafers are a must and I LOVE those jeans... Great post!

  7. I love those loafers and the green top I have seen some of them around the high street that I have nearly bought so many times!

    Nicole xx


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