Feb 21, 2013

The Maxi Dress

Since the 1960's, maxi dresses have been worn by women of all ages. Most women adore maxi dresses because they are fitting at the top and loose to the ankle (so comfortable for a women to wear! This is why pregnant women wear these dresses often). But these dresses are lovely and can be worn in the fall, spring or summer. It's nice to have maxi dresses in different colors and patterns. I own about 4 maxi dresses but do plan to purchase more this spring. Since i'm a shorty (5 feet) I wear my maxi dresses with platform booties or wedges that way I appear taller :). Recently I've been inspired to purchase a white and black pattern maxi dress like the beautiful ladies below...

Gorgeous Natalie Wood (actress) wearing a black and white maxi dress in the 60's

Found this photo on Pinterest..I just LOVE this look..

How I wore my maxi dress today

Black biker jacket:Forever (2 years ago)
Floral Maxi dress:Thrifted @ Goodwill (yes I was lucky!)


  1. I I love maxi dresses too!! They are super cute and so comfy!! :) Your maxi is so bright and colorful!! I love it!!


  2. I'm short too (5'1) and have never worn a maxi dress cause I always thought they would make me look shorter. I'll have to try wearing wedges with one and see how it looks :-)


    1. You are never too short when there are heels! hehe xoxo

  3. If I had that jacket and maxi I would be my favorite too.:D Great look, dear, from head to toe perfection!
    really great leather jacket

  4. Beautiful Maxi Dresses For Women collection, so great, I like so much, thanks for sharing.


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