Feb 23, 2013

Pinot Grigio Saturday =)

Happy Saturday Folks! I started my morning off super early at the office. Worked till 2, came home and said to myself "Pour yourself a glass of wine missy!" So of course I did! My favorite wine is Pinot Grigio. Any other wine drinkers out there? Let's see what else? oh yes my Saturday outfit! Here are the details...since I wrote an article recently on the LV speedy, I decided to implement the handbag today. I'm wearing my favorite deep blue chiffon (see thru) blouse. I can wear this blouse to the office and for a night out. Also wearing some black skinny jeans and my grey booties (I just can't seem to get enough of! They just go with every outfit so far!) Accessorized the outfit up with some gold and black. Check it out! :) xoxo


  1. Love the outfit it's totally cute. I like fruity wines the less bubbles the better! An Asti is nice. Try the doc branded wines made at a higher standard in Italy yummm xx


    1. Thanks! The wine you recommended sounds good...i'll keep it in mind

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  3. I'm a wine drinker! My favorite is of ANY kind of Sangria! Love your outfit! You look gorgeous! Very professional and chic!


  4. Love everything about this outfit! :)


  5. LOVE your little Louis! I'm in the market for a good staple designer bag and can't decide what I want, I want something classic that will look good forever! I feel like a Louis will accomplish that.


  6. i love yours accessories the whole outfit looks amazing <3


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