Aug 24, 2013

The Non-Traditional College Student =)

Hey Loves! I'm so happy to say i'll be starting school this Tuesday. Yippie! As a "Non-Traditional" College Student, I'm prepared for this new chapter in my life. It's not uncommon for the "Non-Traditional" College Student like myself to be still attending school after the age of 22 (so really it's okay if you're just like me trying to complete your degree after the "traditional" college age! You're never too old right?). I have a wonderful career at the moment as a "Personal Banker" for one of the largest Banks in the Nation (for personal reasons, I will not state what Bank it is...haha). However, this position is not my dream job. My dream job is to have my own business (clothing line, clothing store, etc). There was once a time in my early years when I was considered the "Traditional" College student. I attended school with a goal to achieve a degree in Business. Working Part-time, I was offered a position to move up in my company, so of course I greatly accepted the opportunity. I took a break from school ("break" sounds so much better than college drop-out), and continued to work full time. Lost track of time and then it hit me. I never completed my goal to achieve my Bachelors degree =( So I have decided...No more sad faces...It's time to achieve my dreams. But this time, it will be much different. Driving in a completely different direction than business or banking (the industry I currently work in), I've decided to listen to my intuition and go for what I truly am passionate about: Fashion. For the past year, I have been researching my options. There are so many pricey Art Institutes in my area. All they want to do is take my money! It's horrible how much they charge the students attending their school's program. Good news is Sacramento State University offers Marketing Apparel & Design. I was thrilled when I found this out. Effective Spring 2014, I will be attending Sac State Full-time in this major. In the meantime, I'm taking 3 courses at a well known community college. The courses I am taking are transferable to Sac State (yay!). More good news! This month I made my last car payment (such a relief!). Therefore, more money to save! My Boss is so wonderful working around my school schedule. A lot to look forward to in the next months and upcoming year! I'm so grateful!

|| Heart & Anchor Tee || Target $3.00 on clearance!! reg $10.00 || Polka dot Skinny Jeans || Target, Merona (similar pant's here $15 on clearance! reg $27.99 || Red Inspired Keds || Target (In-Store Only) Similar here for $27.80

I decided to post a look i'd wear on my first day of school. Amy from Classy In the Classroom recently posted a post about what to wear on our first day of school. Whether you are a student or a teacher (like Miss Amy) you should always have your first day of school outfit set :).

The Back Pack was given to me for free at a work event. I had my heart set on a designer back pack but when you're a college student (broke or rich) a back pack is a back pack! lol anything that will hold your binder and notebook will do! So no need for anything fancy

Lately I haven't been purchasing lots of clothes (I'm attempting to budget like a college student should). When school starts, I will be committed to homework and studying. I hope to work on my blog at least once a week. But I can't promise anything. School will be my top priority!

I recently purchased an adorable inspired Kate Spade Bow from Etsy - Betty Bows It's so girly. Big hair bows are great to wear to a girly event (baby shower, bridal shower, etc.)

I love projects that require me to express my creative side. Jason and I were given this old fashioned wine cart about one year ago. We always had it put away because it seems a bit old school. After attending a big antique show with my mom, I was inspired to paint it white and decorate it with outdoor decor. I'm so proud of the way it turned out :)

Well that's it for now. I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Aug 14, 2013

Keep on Mixing...


|| Blouse || Ross-Sweet Rain Apparel {similar one here not quite like mine but a very chic printed tunic} || Sunnies || Target || Belt || Thrifted || Circle Skirt || Forever 21 || Lizzi Red Flats || Sole Society || Purse || Thrifted ||


"You just never see people do it too often. People are scared of mixing prints" the waitress said this to me as Jay and I sat down for lunch at a local hot spot called the "Capitol Garage" here in Sacramento. Then I thought, well why are we so afraid to mix prints? Just step out of your comfort zone and think mix instead of match! It may seem odd at first but try it, you'll love it.

IG Updates:

|| Necklace || Amazon $15.50 || Orange Dress || Ross-Poetry Apparel {similar one here } ||

Unfortunately the "Designer Challenge" I planned to participate in last Friday night was cancelled. Yes tragic right? I was extremely bummed. However, I am positive there will be more designer events I can attend. School is just around the corner (which will give my brain plenty of work to express my creativity).

On a brighter note, Jason (My Sweetheart ) took me out to lunch yesterday on our day off. We even strolled in the Rose Garden by the State Capitol. The food was wonderful and the weather was lovely.

Aug 3, 2013

Hello Fab!

Hello lovely readers!

HelloFab has this pretty lavender colorblock maxi dress on sale! Last I checked they still had all sizes in stock. This lavender color is so soft and summery! Maxi dresses are great because you can wear them to almost any occasion (plus they are also so comfty!) I figure I better wear this dress soon since we are in the "near-end summer" season (which makes me a little sad because I LOVE summer time!)

Sunnies || Target || Maxi Dress || HelloFab || Necklace (layered two)|| J.Crew ||

I've spent this past week working and preparing for my first "Designer Challenge." The event takes place August 9th, 8 PM, downtown Sacramento at local cafe called "Cafe Connection." I have my fashion concept down and accessories ready. Only thing that must be completed is a "practice hair" and "make-up" session with my model (which will be happening in the next few days). Being judged based on originality, creativity, quality, and so on....feels somewhat competitive. A little competition is right up my alley! I guess you can say i'm ready for this pressure (oh yes and please wish me luck!)


Target does it again. Found these remarkable sunnies recently.

IG Update: Recap of my July Favorite Outfits :)

{From top left clockwise}Previous post here || Previous post here || Dress : Thrifted (Target Peplum Skirt over it) Shoes : Love Couture (old) || Ruffle Tank : Express (old) Skirt : Marshalls || Shoes : DSW (about 3 months new) ||

What July outfits of your's were your favorite? I enjoyed many #ootd posts I have seen lately on IG. So many talented fashionista's!

Have a fabulous week everyone