Mar 24, 2015

A letter to my daughter

On February 7 (over one month ago), our little Melly turned 1/2 a year old . Half a year flew by right before our eyes! I wanted to do something special for her and write her just a sweet little letter.

Dear Melanie,

My little precious love bug, you are officially over 1/2 a year old.

Every day you are getting more beautiful! Your pretty little eyes light up when you laugh, your little stubby toes curl in when you kick your feet, and your tiny dimple on your right cheek sparkles when you smile at daddy and me. You look like a baby Snow White. No joke! ("hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow") You have ivory skin, rosy red cheeks and a plump round face just like the princess! I can't believe how blessed I am to have such a gorgeous daughter! The doctor say's your height is at the 98th percentile line…um can I say future super model?!?

Some little fire cracker you are. When you're mad, you have no problem letting us know. When you're happy, you also have no problem letting us know. And how do you let us know? A high pitch yell or scream. Screaming is your specialty right now. I think you like the way it sounds. You even like to yell in public. Yes I'm now one of those mothers..the mother who has a loud crying/screaming baby in the store. Oh well. You're totally worth it.

You're a strong baby. You sit up on your own. You can even stand up with some support. You also pick up anything and everything you can get your tiny hands on. On your lucky nights when you get to snuggle with mommy & daddy in the big bed, you like to pick up our pillows and toss them around. You wave your arms up and down and slap mommy in the face sometimes. It's funny and I laugh every time, but then I tell you "be careful, you hurt mommy" even though I know you didn't mean to.

Okay girlfriend, lets get down to the nitty gritty of this letter. I just love you so much. It's really true when they say a daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. I think this is true because a daughter can have a special bond with her mother unlike any other. A daughter can also have a special bond with her father, but with her mother it's very different. One of the best decision's I've ever made was to be a stay at home mommy. Being a stay at home mommy has allowed us to only grow even closer on many levels. When it comes to feeding you, bathing you, changing you, talking to you, singing to you, and playing with you, I just LOVE having that responsibility.

So here are a few things we do right now that you love (the reason I know you love these things is because you either smile or laugh…or you stop crying) :

1) You love to hear me sing. I sing every day in the house while completing daily chores or just hanging out with you while watching cartoons. You giggle and smile when I try to sing like i'm on American Idol. I think sometimes, does she know how horrible I sound? oh yes and you love Patty Cake. I can sing that all day for you.

3) You love looking at yourself in the mirror. I hold you in front of a big body mirror in our bathroom. Staring at yourself amazes you, I can tell.

4) Bath time! You really have a blast. I bought you a rubber ducky and you hold it the entire time i'm bathing you. I'm so happy you love the water.

I can probably list a few more other activities you love doing but those are the first that come to mind.

Things I can't wait to do with you as you get older? a few are playing dress up, painting each others nails, teaching you how to sew and write. I can't wait to do some of those things. It just gives brings me happiness thinking about it.

I have a confession. I kinda already dress you up like mommy. But seriously, how cute are our feet?!

So someday when you are old enough to read, I'll show you this letter and you'll laugh. So until then I'll love you more and more and give you 1000 kisses a day :)

Love your #1 & only Mommy,

Renée :)

Jan 28, 2015

A Stroll With Miss Melanie

Can you believe in just 10 days this little sweetness will be 1/2 a year old?! Where has the time gone? Okay before we know it she'll be starting Kindergarden (omg i'm gonna cry thinking about it!) I love her tiny and cute just like this! I force myself to soak everything in like the way her little hands feel in mine, the way she giggles and babbles after she eats, the way her tiny stubby toes look….I cannot forget any of it! =)

Lately she's been loving it when we stand her up. She know's she looks cute too because she starts to laugh when she's in this position. I'm not joking when I say my daughter has thighs stronger than yours. I hope they stay strong so she can be athletic like her mama someday.

I want to do something special for her 1/2 birthday coming up. I mean really 1/2 a year old birthday celebration? It's kind of a BIG DEAL! Bake her a cake, dress her up in a pretty dress, and put a princess crown on her! I can't wait =)

Jan 22, 2015


I have always dreamed of starting a business. Especially when it comes to fashion. And now that i'm a stay at home mama, I finally have the opportunity to take advantage of my time and make that dream come true. If you follow me on IG, you'll know i've added an profile "Mellyful" to display my work.

I'm so excited about the additional items I recently added to my Etsy Shop. Being a stay at home mama allows me lots of time to express my creativity in baby clothes. Since Melanie was born, I started this little hobby and decided to share my designs with everyone else. And although I haven't sold much, I still enjoy adding new pieces to my shop everyday. For now, i'm hand-making baby girl clothes sizes newborn to 24 months. Someday soon I hope to create baby boy clothes to my collection. Above is one of my favorite newer pieces i've created. Please feel free to check out my little shop and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in a custom piece. I love designing! =)

Something I love about my work: I wrap all my packages in colorful pretty paper. It makes a great gift!

Melanie is pictured here wearing the Denim Bow Headband $6.50 + Shipping

She is also wearing "Sweetness" - The Mix Print Heart Denim Peach Dress $25.00 + Shipping

Baby Leg Warmers - Not sold on Shop

Jan 8, 2015

Happy 5 Months!

This little darling just turned 5 months yesterday. Here are a few facts:

-She started teething one week ago. =( this is no fun. I didn't expect teething at 5 months. But it's normal for most babies. It's so hard seeing our baby cry for 30 minutes straight. We've bought her a few teething toys and Orajel Nighttime Teething Paid relief. So far it's only helped slightly. Looking at her gums, I expect two tiny teeth on top by next week…until then, I hope my baby doesn't experience much more discomfort.

-I introduced rice cereal to her. This is fun =) For her first feeding, I mixed 1 tablespoon of the rice cereal and 3 tablespoons of my breast milk. The rice cereal I'm trying is Earthsbest Whole Grain Rice Cereal . It contains no harmful pesticides or herbicides. Because of it's reviews and ratings, I'm confident this is a safe cereal for infants. So far, she is a fan. I nurse her before feeding her the cereal (that way she'll be a in a happy mood) and she likes it! She is slowly learning how to eat from a spoon. Can't wait to start feeding her more baby food!

-She giggles more. Her giggles make me giggle. I give her kisses on her neck just to hear the tiny laughs.

-She must weigh 15-16 pounds now. She's a healthy strong baby girl =)

-Clothing size: 6-9 months

-She only wakes up once throughout the night. Sometimes, she goes the entire night (8 hours).

-Her grips are stronger than ever. She holds her own bottle with no help from mommy & daddy.

-She can now turn over from back to tummy.

Outfit Details:
Head wrap & leggings: Handmade by mommy
Gold/Black Pink Bow Romper: Mellyful

Jan 5, 2015

$2 DIY Baby Leg Warmers

Here's a little project for you. Go to the Dollar Tree and you'll find different prints of V-Day Socks for a dollar (I even saw some St. Patrick Day ones) buy them for a dollar. You might even find little pom pom's as well. I bought them both. $2! that's all I spent haha.

What You'll Need:

-One pair of socks with a cute print (for a bigger baby just buy knee high socks)
-A hot glue gun
-Fabric Siccors
-Measuring Tape
-Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)
-Decorative accessories (like pom pom's)

First cut right above the heel of the socks

Then cut off the toes and heel portion of the bottom of the socks

The middle portion will be your cuffs. They might measure about 4 inches long

Fold the cuffs in half (with good side showing) and pin to the bottom cutt of the socks

Sew a straight stitch or get your thread and needle and stitch.

Pull down the cuffs and they will look like this

Get your hot glue gun and glue on your accessories

How adorable are these!? Can't wait to make so much more! :) These are great gifts for baby showers or friends expecting!

Happy DIY! :)

Jan 2, 2015

Hello 2015!

A goal without a plan is just a wish. So many of us make goals for the New Year. Sometimes we accomplish them, forget about them, or just never complete them.

Planning out your goals are simple..just write them down :) (However taking action on them is another story..) So I'd thought I'd share my monthly goals for the year to organize. One of my new years resolution's is taking time to organize. So here it goes: Might even help some other Mommy's out there!

Introduce solids to Melly. Melanie has reached many milestones in such a short amount of time…Based on her stage of milestones, she is ready for rice cereal! She tasted it with her tongue for the first time yesterday. I think she was confused because all it did was drip from her mouth down her tiny chin haha.. It's gonna take time I know…

Baby proof the house. By this month, Melanie will be 6 months. She might even start crawling for all I know! (that would be like wow but I highly doubt it) This also means she'll be more curious about where she lives and the things she touches. It's safer to baby proof sooner than waiting till the last minute.

Begin Wedding Planning…Choose bridesmaid dresses….Book a photographer….Research Florist….choose a dress design for Melanie (The little flower girl). This will be exciting! I'm dedicating this entire month to our wedding (being held in September 2015) um can we say finally!?! :D

Health & Exercise? Well the weather should be warmer by this month, which means Melly and me can join my fiancé when he goes for his morning walks with our Husky. Summer will be near and so will the wedding…Health & Exercise will be a priority.

Focus on Melanie's brain power :) She'll be nine months by this month…OMG…which means only 3 months away from one years old! By this month i'll be reading more to her than ever. This will encourage her to learn more. She already loves books and Mommy reading to her. I know she'll be a smarter baby at this stage.

Prepare for Melanie's One Year Birthday Party (Will be held in August)! Just 2 months away from the big O-N-E. A small gathering with close friends and family will do. But this is huge. Gotta plan something wonderful for our tiny princess <3

Can I have one month to relax? soak in the upcoming events to come!

Take one year photos of Melanie and celebrate her first birthday!

Say "I Do"… Have our wedding! I've been waiting for this day! I can't wait to see how handsome my finance will look in a suit and how beautiful Melanie will look in her little flower girl dress.

Honeymoon. Monterey? Napa? Disneyland? Somewhere local will do :) just as long as it consist of wine and good food.

Become a teacher for Melanie. I know i've mentioned brain power but by this time little Melanie will be 15 months which means she'll be a toddler..time to start doing big girl things…color and draw, change her own clothes, and picking up her toys.

Surprise! we're pregnant! The color Blue perhaps? haha..we'll have to wait and see :)

Happy New Year! xoxo