Jan 5, 2015

$2 DIY Baby Leg Warmers

Here's a little project for you. Go to the Dollar Tree and you'll find different prints of V-Day Socks for a dollar (I even saw some St. Patrick Day ones) buy them for a dollar. You might even find little pom pom's as well. I bought them both. $2! that's all I spent haha.

What You'll Need:

-One pair of socks with a cute print (for a bigger baby just buy knee high socks)
-A hot glue gun
-Fabric Siccors
-Measuring Tape
-Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)
-Decorative accessories (like pom pom's)

First cut right above the heel of the socks

Then cut off the toes and heel portion of the bottom of the socks

The middle portion will be your cuffs. They might measure about 4 inches long

Fold the cuffs in half (with good side showing) and pin to the bottom cutt of the socks

Sew a straight stitch or get your thread and needle and stitch.

Pull down the cuffs and they will look like this

Get your hot glue gun and glue on your accessories

How adorable are these!? Can't wait to make so much more! :) These are great gifts for baby showers or friends expecting!

Happy DIY! :)


  1. These are SO perfect! Such a cute idea :)

  2. So cute! I love baby leg warmers (made some for my little one last year for St. Patrick's Day/ to wear with her MSU stuff)

  3. Lovely blog. Really like your posts. Helpful tips. I will surely implement this. Last month my hubby purchased a pair of Ruffle Leg Warmers for our baby from mamaloni , an online store suggested by one of his friends and that one is so cute and pretty.


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