Sep 25, 2013

The Adorable Thing about Graphics ..

|| Fox Graphic Sweater || Old Navy $32.94 || Yellow Plaid || Old Navy {old} similar here || Crystal Necklace || J.Crew || Monogram Necklace || Heart Boutique || Leather Leggings || Heart Boutique || Red Flats || Sole Society ||

The Adorable thing about Graphics are simple, they are adorable!

The new trend: Graphic Sweaters. Clothing designers have created them for stores like J.Crew, Old Navy, and Forever 21. Everything from birds, dogs, owls, and cats are on sweaters. They are adorable, preppy, and special (since they describe your personality based on which graphic animal you choose). I spotted this Foxy graphic sweater at Old Navy a few weeks ago and immediately envisioned how to style it. The reason I purchased the fox was because he looked like a little college student (which describes my life at the moment). Graphic sweaters are great to style with colorful plaid tops, leggings (graphic or plain solid colors), flats or ankle booties. Don't forget to accessorize with your favorite statement necklace. I styled my sweater with a new pair of leather leggings. You can find affordable graphic sweaters at Old Navy & Forever 21. J.Crew has a beautiful selection but be prepared to pay for the quality. So start your fall wardrobe with a new cute graphic sweater!

Here are a few plaid tops you can style your graphic sweaters with. Wearing a colorful plaid will make your graphic sweater stand out even more.

Sep 22, 2013

The Day I Said Yes!

So it finally happened! I turned 30 years old and Jason proposed! Ahh wine, birthday, engaged!? It was so much for just one day! The morning of my birthday, we made the decision to drive to Calistoga. Along highway 29, there are a ton of wineries. One of the first wineries we visited was "Andretti Winery." We loved this place. The scenery was beautiful and the wine was great. We were told that Sterling Vineyards had this air tram ride with a gorgeous view. After visiting Andretti Winery, Jason drove us further up the path to Sterling. The air tram ride was fun and lovely! We enjoyed the wine tour along with the sitting down wine tasting. After tasting a bunch of wine, Jason and I went back in the air tram back to our car. Jason pointed over my right shoulder saying "Look!" As I looked back over my right shoulder I saw nothing and turned back to him like "Huh? look at what?" but saw him holding out a little red velvet box with something shiny. Then I realized, omg that's a diamond ring! Jason asked me to marry him! Of course I said Yes! lol He completely surprised me. This day turned out to be one of the happiest days of my life =).

Love the grapes. We came during harvesting season (the month of my birthday) so the grapes were ready to make the wine! :) Such a beautiful thing.

Right before he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him <3

After he asked: This photo was taken 10 minutes after I said yes . As you can see my eyes are red and watery from the happiness. I was still shocked! haha

Met up with this beautiful lady and her sweet husband later that night to celebrate! We drank sparkling wine and talked about all the exciting things that happened earlier that day.

Downtown Napa at Empire Lounge

I know this is not a very good photo but we ran into David Arquette! It was my friend Renee who noticed him first and casually said hi. He talked to us for a bit, said congrats and happy birthday and took this pic with us. Wow such a memorable night! I loved him in the movie "Scream" and "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore! He was such a nice friendly guy. We liked him a lot!

First Wine Tasting of the Day Downtown Napa at the "Twenty Rows" tasting room. I highly recommend this place. The staff there were incredibly nice and the wine was very smooth. They also have an art gallery. Very gorgeous art work displayed!

So let's get to the details about what I wore.

The Birthday Outfit

|| Green Floral Dress || Heart Boutique || Pink Statement Necklace || Heart Boutique || Crystal Necklace || J.Crew ||

|| Green Top || Phillip Lim For Target || A-Line Black Skirt || Target Style || Round Sunnies || Heart Boutique || Black Handbag || Phillip Lim For Target || Oxford Heels || Thrifted {Nicole} ||

Changed my top later { Target Tee }that day since it was a little warm in Napa. The weather was perfect the first day we arrived.

You can say my 30th Birthday was an amazing one. The Best Birthday Ever!

Sep 12, 2013

Meet Your Personal Banker in Style

Hello Gorgeous readers! I know it's been somewhat of a while since I've been a part of the blogging world. First of all, I apologize! I have been extremely busy with work and a full-time job. I'm a banker for one of the biggest banks in the nation and a part-time student (as of the end of last month). School has been interesting and challenging. But other than school, I of course have to work to keep up with my expenses (although I'd love to work part-time one of these days). I wanted to share what I would wear on a typical day of work. I have always believed in the phrase, "Dress to Impress." Looking sharp on the job is important! Why? Because if you want people to take you seriously, you have to look like your care about your appearance.

|| Red Cardigan || Marshalls (similar here) || Dress || Ann Taylor (similar here) || Blue Handbag || Target || White Printed heels || Target(In-Store Only but similar to these) || Necklace || Thrifted

I have some excited news! I'll be turning the big 30 in just 8 days. Omigoodness time does fly. Jason and I will be taking a trip to Gorgeous Napa. On my birthday morning i'll be waking up in Wine country, Napa, heaven. Yes i'm so blessed! And yes! I'll take many pictures and post about it ..stay tuned...:)