Apr 29, 2013

.My Favorite Fashionista's.

Today I wanted to blog about my favorite fashion bloggers. Since I've joined the blogging band wagon, I have always admired their sense of style and daily post's :) All these ladies are smart, lovely, and classy! Please take the time to visit their blogs & read about their beautiful style. Have a gorgeous Monday!

.B I N I T A.

This trendy blogger is classy. Her style is lovely and inspiring in every post!

.A M Y.

Amy is a doll! She is a Substitute Teacher with a gorgeous taste of style! You'll love her look!

.K r i s t i n e.

Kristine Lynn is such a gorgeous gal! Check out her trendy outfits she puts together...This young lady has an amazing style

.K I K I.

Tarin is a sweetheart! Her outfits are girly and chic...check out her cute blog :)

.M A N D Y.

Absolutely inspiring! Mandy writes fabulous fashion articles. If you follow her, you will always be up to date with news in the fashion industry!

I hope you enjoyed all these inspiring ladies blogs! xX

Apr 28, 2013

Meet Milo! Milo is my 6 year old Chihuahua/mini pin mix (really i'm not sure how old my cutie is or what mix breed either....the adoption agency just told me that when I adopted him 2 years ago!). So as a good pet owner I am, today I took Milo in for his necessary vaccine's he needs every so often. Milo loves going on car rides. So when I told him "Let's go bye bye" he happily jumped into his little crate (little did he know he would be receiving 3 shots! ouch). It is such a hot day in Sacramento today (so not prepared for what's coming this summer...i'm talking 100 degree's stuff..yuck). So when we arrived to the pet store, the Vet asked me if I wanted to hold Milo as she gave him his vaccine. Of course I want to hold my little guy during this painful moment! He yelped a little :( my poor papi. But after a few seconds he was his happy self again. I'm so glad I'm up to date with his shots. Dog's shots: checked. YAY!

What I wore today: The details about my springy outfit

I can't forget the Strappy Wedge Sandals!

These sandals are my NEW favorite! :)

Sandals||DSW|top||Styles For Less|Mint Pants||Ross|Pearl Necklace||BCBG

Below are pics of Milo after his vaccine shots. The drive home was short. He was panting because it was so hot! But as soon as we got home, he drank plenty of water!

Milo is such a happy & healthy doggie now!

Apr 21, 2013

Red Stripes!

I am the biggest fan of summer & spring dresses. You might notice many of my future posts will consist of dresses in a variety of styles. Every spring it seems I clean out my closet (take out old dresses..sell them or give them away) & re-fill with more and more dresses...a little obsessed it seems? Especially when many stores have sales I can't help but buy more cute dresses! Recently I've been trapped into checking my email for "Happy Hour" with Charlotte Russe. This store will alert you via text or email. Last week they alerted me about this little red & stripe dress for only $14.95! ($5.00 savings..any discount helps! it add's up) Could not pass up this deal...I think I purchased 2 dresses that day. I highly recommend you sign up for alerts with Charlotte Russe!

Buy a dress like mine ||here|| for only $19.99
I also found some very ADORABLE Wedge sandals @ DSW ||here|| for $39.95.

You might notice me wearing knuckle/Midi rings in my photos. I actually made them myself! I followed this little DIY youtube clip from Nicole Guerriero. It's really clever and easy

Shine Bright and EXPRESS your beautiful self =)

Apr 14, 2013

.Fabulous Black Maxi Dress.

Hey Everyone! This is my first time wearing this black maxi dress. I call it fabulous because I never knew how lovely it was! It was actually given to me as a gift from a friend last year. I like this dress because I can dress it up with a belt or wear it simple and casual. I chose to dress it up with my pink scarf and wide brown braided belt. I wore this dress on my road trip to my parents house this weekend. I wish the weekend was longer so I can spend more time with my family. But back to work on Monday of course! That's the story of my fabulous life!

||Details about my outfit||

Black Maxi Dress was given to me as a gift from a friend but I found one similar to mine ||here|| @ forever for $14.80
Pink Scarf can be purchased ||here|| for $14.99 @ Target
Brown Braided Belt I've owned for about 2 years purchased at forever...found one similar to mine ||here|| on Amazon for only $15.95
Black Wedges (really can't see them in the photo) can be purchased ||here|| @ Forever for $29.80 (I got mine during the easter special they were having for only $20.00! score!)

Total Cost of outfit: $75.54

On Saturday when I arrived to my parents, my little sister was sweet enough to make me this healthy lunch. It was so tasty and healthy I wanted to share it with all of you. It's a recipe from "Hungry Girl 200 under 200". It's called the "Slammin' Smoked Salmon B-Fast Sandwich" (the original recipe includes turkey bacon. But we decided to eliminate it from the recipe for a more healthier taste!)

1 Light English Muffin
1 Ounce Smoked Salmon, roughly chopped
2 Tablespoons fat-free cream cheese
1 Tablespoon chopped red onion
1 Tablespoon chopped cucumber
1 Slice Tomato


In a small dish, combine cream cheese with smoked salmon, onion, and cucumber until mixed well.

Split muffin into halves, and heat or toast halves.

Spread cream cheese mixture over half of the English muffin. Top with tomato slice.

Finish it all off with the other muffin half, pressing down firmly. Slice half of a carrot on the side. Your sandwich is now ready for consumption!

This is for all you amazing ladies with ambition and big dreams! Keep your head up :)

Apr 10, 2013


Take me out to the ballgame!

Jason and I had an awesome time at AT&T Park yesterday evening. So many exciting plays happened and best of all, SF Giants won in the end! Final score Colorado 6 SF 9!! Best game I've ever seen in person. We planned to arrive to the park around 3 pm so we could be one of the first 20k fans to receive the giveaway of the 2012 world champions snow globe. We hoped to be one of the very few who would arrive early and possibly hang out near the dugout and get some autographs from the players..well that didn't happend! :-/ (autographs no, but snow globe yes) I learned in order to get any autographs we would have to attend a "Fan Fest" event! There are just so many SF Giants fans!

AT&T picked my text message to appear up on the main board in the park! Jason and I were shocked...It said "Jason I love you. Thanks for coming with me to this game. -Renee xoxo"

The message made my handsome smile

Playing some catch before entering the park

Welcome to AT&T Park!

The line for the snow globes ....so long...

And yes we got our 2012 World Champions Snow Globe baby!

Short Stop player Brandon Crawford #35 waved at me?!?! Yes only because I was that weird girl in the stands that yelled out "Crawford!" lol But yes he really did acknowledge me and wave :-) He's so good to his fans! I think Jason was a little embarrassed of the scene I caused! But Brandon Crawford is awesome!

The World Champions Flag

Good Night AT&T Park!

Oh yes! And the winner of my Chicwish bracelet Giveaway is Kiki from Glammed by Tarin! Congratulations girly! Please email me with your shipping address :-) Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Apr 7, 2013

Superb Yellow :]

Sometimes we need a little neon in our lives to brighten up our days! Yesterday I was feeling a little gloomy after a busy day at work. I walked into Target with no intentions of buying anything (no really...I just wanted to check out the shoes :p). But of course I made my way to the clothing dept and what did I find? this rad neon yellow sweater! So I didn't even try it on. I just purchased it because of the color! lol but hey it made my day a lot happier :]

So what color brighten's up your day?

Bright Yellow sweater can be purchased ||here|| at Target for $19.99

Bright Floral heels like mine can be purchased ||here|| for $54.95

Machine Jeans light Destroyed can be purchased ||here|| for $34.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $109.93

I'm ending my post with some motivation for all my readers. Here is one of my favorite quotes about dreaming big and being fearless :] Never give up on your dreams!