Jul 28, 2013

Never Ending Summer Cleaning

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I spent my morning cleaning out my closet with items that must go! It seems like my summer cleaning is never ending. I have posted a few of the items on my Posh closet here. If you're looking to spend $15 & under on a dress, Posh is the way to go.

The dress above is a vintage Abercrombie & Fitch. It's perfect for spring or summer. Whenever I wore it, I always received lovely compliments.

The dress above looks familiar because I have worn it before in a previous post (few months ago..paired with a yellow blazer). I'm also selling this one. Chic & summer is written all over this dress.

IG update: I recently purchased the cameo chandelier necklace from J.Crew Factory. Sparkle & Glam is how to describe it. Good news is this necklace is on sale at the moment...

Regular price is $49.50 but you can buy is now here for only $29.50

Yesterday I enjoyed the evening sipping wine in our neighbors beautiful backyard. The decor of his home is beautiful inside & out. The scenery allowed me to enjoy the taste of my wine even more.

Wish me luck in my summer cleaning. Fall is near and you know what that means.......more closet space is needed! :p

Jul 21, 2013

Neon Peplum

Peplum Top || Heart Boutique (Moon Collection) || Monogram Necklace || Heart Boutqiue || Bracelet's || J.Crew & Juicy Couture || Distressed Jeans || S F L || White Wedges || Marshall's || Handbag || Louis Vuitton 30 Damier Azur || Sunnies || Target

When I first saw this peplum top at a local boutique Heart Boutique , I fell in love immediately. One of my favorite colors is coral. Since this top is neon coral & combined with colorful jewels, the beauty of it made my heart melt. This top can create a pretty look for a summer brunch or a day at the office. Since the top already has a touch of accessories (jewels) a simple monogram necklace will do. Skinny pants (skinny jeans or even a pencil skirt) will compliment the peplum top. I'm in love with it!

Shop from Heart Boutique online or calling them.

Happy Sunday!

Jul 17, 2013

Your Outfit Today

"Your Outfit Today" is a great way to share your outfit ideas. As they say, "Sharing is Caring." A true fashion stylist share's his or her ideas with others. Get inspired! Just visit their site, and submit your favorite outfits along with the brands you are sporting. Follow them on IG to view their daily picks. Become inspired or Inspire others with your wonderful look =)

here is where you can see my outfits "Your Outfit Today" has shared.

I never do this but I happened to walk by the little girls section of Target after work yesterday. I spotted an adorable polka dot jean button up. I thought, "Why can't Target make this in woman's?". I looked at the extra large and thought "Hey this would fit me" haha. I know this may sound silly but I purchased the top in extra large for myself! and guess what?! it fits fine! So here I am below wearing the little girls top I purchased @ Target for $14.99. How funny right? :)

Top || Target {little girls section} || Skirt || Thrifted || Wedges || Marshall's || Handbag || Louis Vuitton/30 speedy ||

Short but sweet today.

Have a fabulous evening love's!

Jul 14, 2013

Capturing the happy moments..

Oh Happy Sunday! =)

I absolutely love capturing the happy moments in life. I find nothing wrong with documenting anything that brings you joy. Whether it is your outfit, your dog, or your food. Whatever it is, I say snap it and love it.

Here I am sporting my $25 stripe purse from Forever21. I wore it while running errands on Wednesday. I adore the stripes, the chain, and the size. The best $25 I'v spent all summer!

That's me on Saturday. It doesn't really show in my facial expression but I was very excited. I was ready to attend "step one" of a designer challenge! The event takes place August 9th downtown Sacramento (Cafe Connection). I don't want to say much about it (since it will be a surprise) but i'm a little nervous! The challenge: creating a final design from just 5 pieces of thrift clothing items (not an easy task). I'm allowed to rip, tear, alter...whatever I have to do to create my final project. It sort of feels like a fun school project. So why am I doing this? Fun, exposure, and experience =)

I'm wearing a target style top that I found on clearance for only $13. The blue pants I've had for a while now (Forever21/old). My white wedges--my favorite wedges by far this summer I can't live without.

I just love taking photos of my new accessories. This Target style bracelet is at Target NOW (paired with a white bracelet...old, can't even remember where I bought it..& a Juicy Couture bracelet).

I live only 10 minutes away from the State Capitol. On Saturday as I was walking towards the Cafe Shop for my designer challenge event, I walked right by this beautiful building. Amazing!

And since I love capturing the happy moments....

I'm majorly In LOVE with my boyfriend {a very happy moment in Vegas once upon a time ago}

his smile is so yummy!

a little random I know

Sparkle in J.Crew



Sparkle! All girls love to sparkle and shine! I first spotted this adorable J.Crew skirt online one day and immediately read my name all over the cute thing. But I waited....I didn't purchase it. A few weeks went by and again spotted it...but still waited..last week I spotted it for the third time and it was on sale for $37.00. Gave in and purchased away. It's so girly and chic. I paired it with a gold sequins top (actually it was a short dress once), Jean vest, and my new gold chunky target style bracelet.

Warning: Photo below is a little blurry... =(



Vest (two years old) || Forever 21 || Sequins Top (two years old) || Love Culture || Skirt || Here for $69.50 not on sale anymore) ||

Hopefully this skirt goes on Sale again for anyone who would love to own it! Guess I got lucky

"Don't Ever let anyone dull your sparkle" <3

Jul 7, 2013

Darling Yellow & More Dots!



Forever 21 is the place to find some affordable summer finds. Found some darling yellow neon sandals for only 6.80! I also couldn't resist the cute stripe purse ($25)



Polkadot Top || Forever 21 || Yellow Statement Necklace || Brina Box || Sailor Striped Shorts || Forever 21 || Yellow Sandals || In Store Only-Forever 21- Only $6.80 || Stripe Handbag || In Store Only-Forever 21


Saturday night consisted of Buffalo Wild Wings and UFC fights (I'm not a huge fan of the UFC fights...too much blood! But I Love Love eating out with my boyfriend....the tasty blue margarita wasn't so bad either!)

I have posted some of my pre-owned dresses here on Poshmark. I'm also selling my beautiful Louis Vuitton 25 Speedy! (I really do love this purse but I'm saving $$ for school..you know books are expensive!) Don't forget to check out my closet loves!

H a p p y S u n d a y <3


Jul 5, 2013

.Red White & Blue...& Life Lately.


Early 4th of July morning, I ran into this outfit in my closet. I own plenty of blue pieces but not as much red. I actually love the combo of red & blue so I surprised myself... I didn't have a lot of options.


Hat||Target {last year}||Dress|||Gift from friend||Plaid Top ||Forever 21 {last year}||


It has been an eventful week let me tell you. Road trip to Southern Cali, fun at Universal Studios, on the set of "The Price is Right", dinner on the pier of Santa Monica Beach, and the TNT fireworks that lit up our little street on the 4th of July.


Yes we were part of the 300 individuals who actually thought we would get picked as contestants to participate in the famous game show. Did we get picked as contestants?Didn't happen but that's okay. It was nice waiting for 5 hours to be interviewed by the show's producer (i'm being sarcastic..waiting was a total bummer and I do not recommend it). The producer only chose 9 people. So much competion. The show airs on October 21st 2013. Jason and I are sitting in the 3rd row on the far right. Hopefully you'll catch a glimpse of us if you are a Price is Right fanatic.


Top ||H&M (old, 2 years ago)|| Chino Shorts ||J.CREW(now)|| Sandals ||Express(old, 3 years ago)||

Universal Studio's was a BLAST! We Walked into the park and decided to watch the "Special Effects" show instead of going on a ride. We sat in the audience with tons of people (300 I assume) grabbing their seat....meanwhile some lady came up to us "Would you two like to participate as Volunteers in this show?" Us on stage in front of these random people? Sure why not! :) They guided us backstage and dressed Jason up in a hideous astronaut costume and me in a white over sized doctor jacket. The host of the show had me follow him on stage (spotlight on me) and sliced my arm with a special effect butcher knife...red corn syrup dripping everywhere. For a second I thought he really sliced my arm! The purpose of Jason's astronaut costume was to have him fly through air..but come to find out at the end of the show, It wasn't Jason they had in the air, it was a stunt man! They tricked me! It was a blast. They gave us "Front of the Line" Passes for participating in the show. Who knew we'd get picked to be a the highlight of the show :) Awesome.

Enjoyed the rest of the Day on amusing rides, Hollywood Universal Tour, and one Mango Margarita

Strolled through "Wisteria Lane" (Set of Desperate Housewives)

Jason was so happy about dressing up in his astronaut costume for that special effects show he wanted to take a photo with the famous astronauts themselves!

Meanwhile the curls in hair became undone thanks to the Rhino squirting water at me during the Jurassic Park ride :( But I was still able to catch a pic with Jimmy Fallon.


Santa Monica Beach. The most relaxing view of my vacation. The smell was Beautiful!

Dinner on the Pier of Santa Monica..Run Forest Run! (Bubba Gumps)

And Ice Cream (Strawberry Cheesecake)


West Hollywood where all the good food is. Found a nice spot on Sunset called "The Griddle Cafe". Famous for their delicious over sized pancakes. Thinking about them makes my mouth melt. Jason & I could not finish the "panni cakes" (what Jason calls them, it's cute). Gigantic! is what I call them.

4th of July Independence Day --->& Our little two year anniversary :)


I hope all you love's had a wonderful 4th of July with spectacular fireworks * * * * *

With Love