Jul 17, 2013

Your Outfit Today

"Your Outfit Today" is a great way to share your outfit ideas. As they say, "Sharing is Caring." A true fashion stylist share's his or her ideas with others. Get inspired! Just visit their site, and submit your favorite outfits along with the brands you are sporting. Follow them on IG to view their daily picks. Become inspired or Inspire others with your wonderful look =)

here is where you can see my outfits "Your Outfit Today" has shared.

I never do this but I happened to walk by the little girls section of Target after work yesterday. I spotted an adorable polka dot jean button up. I thought, "Why can't Target make this in woman's?". I looked at the extra large and thought "Hey this would fit me" haha. I know this may sound silly but I purchased the top in extra large for myself! and guess what?! it fits fine! So here I am below wearing the little girls top I purchased @ Target for $14.99. How funny right? :)

Top || Target {little girls section} || Skirt || Thrifted || Wedges || Marshall's || Handbag || Louis Vuitton/30 speedy ||

Short but sweet today.

Have a fabulous evening love's!


  1. That is awesome!!! I have totally done that before too!! That top is super cute too! Sometimes they can be boxy but that looks great on you!! Love this whole outfit! You look very classy :)

    1. Thanks beautiful! I can't believe I purchased it from the little girlys dept haha and it's my new fav :)

  2. Bahaha I totally should shop in the child's section!

    1. you'd be surprise at the cute things you'd find! =)

  3. Oh girl this is awesome!!! I need to go to Target and buy one myself :) Love it, and it's so versatile! Gorgeous!



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