Jul 14, 2013

Sparkle in J.Crew



Sparkle! All girls love to sparkle and shine! I first spotted this adorable J.Crew skirt online one day and immediately read my name all over the cute thing. But I waited....I didn't purchase it. A few weeks went by and again spotted it...but still waited..last week I spotted it for the third time and it was on sale for $37.00. Gave in and purchased away. It's so girly and chic. I paired it with a gold sequins top (actually it was a short dress once), Jean vest, and my new gold chunky target style bracelet.

Warning: Photo below is a little blurry... =(



Vest (two years old) || Forever 21 || Sequins Top (two years old) || Love Culture || Skirt || Here for $69.50 not on sale anymore) ||

Hopefully this skirt goes on Sale again for anyone who would love to own it! Guess I got lucky

"Don't Ever let anyone dull your sparkle" <3


  1. I love this outfit! That skirt is amazing and on sale! Thank goodness you got it!! I totally agree every girl needs a little sparkle! :) you look so chic in this outfit and I love that that used to be a short dress. Maybe I should try that with one of my short dress I will never ever wear as a dress again! Haha! :)

  2. Your skirt is perfection! Love everything about your look!

  3. I love this outfit!! everything part of it is fabulous!!

  4. Oh girl this is a PERFECT outfit! And isn't it the best when you wait to buy something and then it goes on sale!? :) it was meant to be! Love the pink with the sparkles. You're gorgeous, love! :)



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