Jul 14, 2013

Capturing the happy moments..

Oh Happy Sunday! =)

I absolutely love capturing the happy moments in life. I find nothing wrong with documenting anything that brings you joy. Whether it is your outfit, your dog, or your food. Whatever it is, I say snap it and love it.

Here I am sporting my $25 stripe purse from Forever21. I wore it while running errands on Wednesday. I adore the stripes, the chain, and the size. The best $25 I'v spent all summer!

That's me on Saturday. It doesn't really show in my facial expression but I was very excited. I was ready to attend "step one" of a designer challenge! The event takes place August 9th downtown Sacramento (Cafe Connection). I don't want to say much about it (since it will be a surprise) but i'm a little nervous! The challenge: creating a final design from just 5 pieces of thrift clothing items (not an easy task). I'm allowed to rip, tear, alter...whatever I have to do to create my final project. It sort of feels like a fun school project. So why am I doing this? Fun, exposure, and experience =)

I'm wearing a target style top that I found on clearance for only $13. The blue pants I've had for a while now (Forever21/old). My white wedges--my favorite wedges by far this summer I can't live without.

I just love taking photos of my new accessories. This Target style bracelet is at Target NOW (paired with a white bracelet...old, can't even remember where I bought it..& a Juicy Couture bracelet).

I live only 10 minutes away from the State Capitol. On Saturday as I was walking towards the Cafe Shop for my designer challenge event, I walked right by this beautiful building. Amazing!

And since I love capturing the happy moments....

I'm majorly In LOVE with my boyfriend {a very happy moment in Vegas once upon a time ago}

his smile is so yummy!

a little random I know


  1. Glad you had a good weekend- and love your wallet-friendly fashion scores! Win/win! :)


  2. I love when people are so positive and happy! You look amazing!!! I'm so glad you are so happy!!! You deserve it pretty girl!!! Loved your Saturday look!! :)

  3. that challenge sounds amazing i cant wait to see your final look! That top for 13 is such a great deal and you and your bf are always so cute!!
    Have a great week pretty girl!

  4. cute outfit <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  5. looks like youve been enjoying yourself

  6. Your Sunday outfit is so classy! I love it. I always love your f21 stripe bag too, pretty and affordable ♥

  7. Oh girl how exciting about that challenge!! I bet you will do great; you have awesome style. I HAVE to get that purse from Forever 21...I would wear it with so much; I just love it! :) You look great dear!



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