Feb 17, 2013

The Fabulous BF Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are fabulous for several reasons:
1) They are comfortable to wear 2) And great to for Spring

Depending on how you prefer to wear them, they may be worn slightly loose or really loose (almost baggy). I once asked my boyfriend what he thought of them. His response was "Why are they loose?" well of course he'll think that because boys have a thing for butts in TIGHT jeans but I say whatever! lol It's always good to sport boyfriend jeans once in a while instead of your sexy fit tight jeans. I think boyfriend jeans look and feel great for a casual day. Personally, I prefer too wear them slightly loose. I once saw a photo of Vanessa Hudgens walking out of the airport. She was wearing the baggiest boyfriend jeans. I think they are Zac Efrons (lol and probably were). Whatever your preference is, make sure you feel confident about how they look on you. Because if you feel confident, they probably look awesome :)

These jeans are great because you can dress them up with different styles! for example, the shoes may be flats, heels, or booties (ankle booties). Here is one style with a pair of open toe heels..i'm digging this look

Celebrities rock boyfriend jeans all the time...here are a few I admire

Adorable Rachel Bilson

Pretty Eva Longoria

Sweet Jessica Alba

Ready to go sport your favorite Boyfriend Jeans? Go work it girl! ;)

Purchase these jeans here for only $39.95 @ H&M

Buy these jeans here for $39.95 @ H&M as well


  1. I would love to be able to pull boyfriend jeans off!! They are soooo chic and comfy looking!!

  2. I love boyfriend Jeans we just got a super cute pair at the boutique!!Love them!!

  3. I absolutely adore my BF jeans. They're so comfy, but really versatile for whatever I may want to wear them with. My fiance actually kind of likes them, changin' it up a bit from my regular skinnies.

  4. I love boyfriend jeans! they're so comfy!
    Your blog is great!
    Also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster award, if you're interested just pop on over to my blog to check it out :)

    Katie xo


  5. I wish I could wear boyfriend jeans, they just don't fit my body type.

    Hope you have a great Monday :)



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