Feb 4, 2013

Monday Boho Blues

One more day till our sweet trip to Yosemite! I can't wait to spend time in nature relaxing with my babe and Shyla (our alaskan husky). Milo (our chihuahua) will be staying at the doggie hotel because he's so tiny and the snow might bother him :-/

Today will consist of packing for our trip and a movie :-) We decided to watch "Broken City" with Marky (Mark Wahlberg) and Russell Crowe (one of my favorite actors). Not too bad of a movie...

I decided to try the head-scarf look again. This time, I tied my scarf in a "turban" knot. I'm happy with the outcome. I wore my new spike booties with a long halter top blue dress and jean jacket. Overall, it was a nice free-spirited day to shine :)

Jean Jacket: forever (two years ago)
Blue dress: gift from a girlfriend :)
Head Scarf: Target


  1. hi beautiful! i just found your blog and i love it! i was wondering would you like to follow each other?

  2. that outfit is amazing!! LOVE your blog :)

  3. You pull off that scarf perfectly!
    And that dress? LOVE that color!


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