Jun 29, 2013

H A I R. -----What do you use?



It's a question asked to me often, "How do you style your hair?" or "What do you use to make your hair look like that?". Well those questions will be answered now. I wouldn't call this post a hair tutorial, but just a little FYI on what I use for styling. I don't spend a ton of money on my hair. Lately, I've been trimming it myself. I've learned how to trim my hair watching a ton of Youtube tutorials. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on my hair at styling salons years back, but figured, if I can just trim and style my hair myself to save some cash, why not? I don't think my hair is amazing but I am content with it. I truly believe, you don't have to spend ton's of cash to have lovely hair.

1. "What products do you use?"

-Thermal Protect Styling Spray Biotera Styling ---This stuff smell so good! You can buy it at your local Sally's or salon store. I normally spray it on my hair before I blow dry it and again before I start curling. It's a heat protection product but since I've been using it, my hair stays curled till the next day!

-The WAND Helen of Troy, Gold Series ---This wand creates magic in your hair. The highest heat I use it on is 400. It does come with a glove to protect your fingers. When I first starting using the iron, it was difficult for me to curl my hair. But after many days of practicing, I've become a pro.

-Malibu Heat Beach Waves Hair Mist, Bath & Body Works---Another smelly product that smells so beautiful! After I am completely done curling my hair, and combing it through, I spray this mist in my hair and scrunch it with my fingers. For some reason, it allows my waves to become more wavy and natural looking. I'm so happy I discovered this stuff. But it at your local Bath & Body Works or i'm sure they sell it online through their online store.

-Tresemme Hairspray Tres Two Sray, extra hold, 4---I've been using this hairspray for YEARS. It's so affordable and works so well with my hair. I wouldn't say this spray smells as good as the other sprays but it does keep my curls in place! I spray my hair with this before I curl and after once my hair is completely curled.


2. Most IMPORTANT! -TEASE The blue comb ---I don't use a "teasing comb". I have tried in the past and it just never worked for my hair. I've always teased my hair with this simple comb. I tease different layers beginning from the top of my head. It's hard to explain. Someday I will make a youtube tutorial for just teasing. I always have to tease my hair before I walk out of the house. Never leave the house with a flat head! lol for me anyways....

Comb The pink comb ---Once you are completely done with curling your hair, before you spray anything, comb your hair through with this magic tool. It will separate the curls and not allow those Shirley Temple curls. I also use this comb with separating my section of layers for teasing time. It works great!

I hope you found this post useful if you are looking to style your hair on your own. Like I said, you don't need to spend ton's of cash to have beautiful hair! :)


Jun 26, 2013

Mixing Polkadots!


Polka dot crazy! Let's mix dots and colors for fun. A new trend that I had to try....BUT truthfully, I could not seem to step out of my comfort zone with the trend. I mean really? Can I really see myself walking out of the house in this outfit on a typical day? Probably not, but since i'm having fun with it, I might as well try to enjoy it! The pink I love, the Polka dot's are cute, so let's give it a try!



Yes I had to take a pic of my watermelon. It was so delicious


I have to admit, I had a blast in forever 21 browsing through their prints. They have such a beautiful variety.

Polkda Dot Skirt buy

here for $19.80||
Pink Polka Dot Top

here for $14.80||

Now go have fun mixing your prints everyone! <3

Lots of Love



Jun 23, 2013

.Confessions of a Target Addict.



Ooops I did it again. YES...Went to Target again and fell in love with their new prints! Polka dots, stripes, anchors, seahorses...All I have to say is Dear Target, your designers are doing a Marvelous job! Way to go. I am overly impressed

Target I heart you .


Outfit || Target || Necklace || Target || Bracelets || Happy Wrist by Itchelita || Shoes || Tory Burch ||


I have to admit I have a serious Target problem. I'm a Target Addict! it's not a bad thing, right? :)


Jun 20, 2013

Cheetah Belt DIY~


Whoever thought of creating your own cute belt out of your favorite fabric? I thought i'd share a simple DIY for adding an eye catching look to your outfit. It's cute and EASY. Check out how I found my favorite cheetah print fabric and created a ribbon belt out of it. I'm adoring the look <3



||Statement Necklace||Etsy||Sunnies||Target||Cheetah Belt Fabric||Michaels Arts & Crafts||Cardigan sweater||||Tank Top||Target||Skirt||Target||White Wedges||Ross


Try it, pin it, & wear it :)

Have a Fantastic Thursday my loves!

Jun 16, 2013

White Wedges, Arm Candy, & Bikram Yoga?



White Wedges...Bikram Yoga. A few of the most exciting things about my past week. I got lucky walking into Ross one day after work. Walking through the messy shoe aisle, you know....one shoe lying in the aisle walk way, "oh that's cute where's the other one?" no where in sight...a size 7 in the 5 1/2 section..that's what I mean by "messy". So again walking through the messy shoe aisle I spot a pair of bright white wedges. They appeared small but when I saw size 7 1/2 I immediately became sad...I wear a size 6 1/2!! Bummer. Whatever I try them on anyways. The shoe's fit! omg i'm so lucky..spotted these, found these, they fit, they are mine! And no i'm not really a Ross fan let me tell you. But that just happened to be my lucky day! Oh yes, and they were only 18$. :D


Bikram Yoga me? Never had I considered Bikram Yoga. One month ago my Co-Workers signed up for this class. They told me, "The room is 105 degrees and you sweat off all your toxins!" Nasty I thought. I took a yoga class 3 years ago and did not find it helpful at all. I was BORED. Not a big fan of yoga. Agian my Co-Workers "Renee you should try it! It's a good workout"....Okay maybe i'll consider...Until one Monday after a long day of my awesome banking job, I thought, what the heck you might like it. I went to an 8 o'clock class (pm) thinking i'd be home by 9. I said bye to Jay saying i'd be home in an hour (little did I know the class was 90 minutes long). Arrived at this "BIKRAM YOGA" place not too far from my house, signed some paper, and walked in this really soggy warm room. "what the hell?" okay this is really ridiculous if they think i'm doing yoga in that room. Can't breath and it's waaaaaay toooo hot in there. Walked out and text'd my co-worker. "I'm here and walked out of the room because it is too hot" ..her text back "it's okay. You'll get used to it." ooook I guess. Within 10 minutes of the class I was drenched in sweat. I look around and notice i'm not the only one. I start concentrating on the positions and try to focus on my balance. Hey i'm liking this. It's not easy I think. I force myself to stretch harder. I'm starting to think oh my this really hurts but I like it. They say breath in and out through your nose why I wonder? So you don't breath in everyone else's toxins? lol I keep myself disciplined and focus on my body. Then I think okay i'm gonna walk out the heat is too much. But force myself to think it's okay, if these other people can do it, so can I. I glance over at my co-worker and whisper "are we almost done?" she nods her head yes. I'm guessing 30 more minutes go by and I feel like a pro with my positions...then "Namaste" class is over. I'm liking how I feel. So I paid for a full month of unlimited Bikram Yoga. I get in my car and it's past 10:45 PM! omg. Jason called my phone like twice and so did my mom. WOW...did not realize I was in there so long!

Okay, so after my great description of my first Bikram Yoga experience, you're probably wondering what does this have to do with fashion.....It has NOTHING to do with my fashion..I just wanted to share my excitement. I've taken 5 classes and feel a difference in my body and stress level..I just had to say i'm liking Bikram Yoga!


Recently I had my eye on this pretty little bracelet. This is a J.Crew inspired mint pave bracelet. You can buy this bracelet here by Macaroon Notebook on Etsy. I'm a little in love with it. Worn it about everyday since I have received it.


My wrist is screaming happiness in this pic :) Also received my set of 3 happy wrist bracelet's from Itchelita. They are so cute and simple and can be paired with all your arm candy. Love love love! Her store has a big variety of happy wrist options and she ships quick! I highly recommend!


As you can see, it is clear I have been sporting the heck out of my white wedges and pave mint bracelet :) I can't help but pair the two with my daily outfits.


So there you go. White wedges, lovely arm candy, and Bikram Yoga..the highlights of my week. And remember.....



Jun 8, 2013

.Beauty On Your Neck.


GORGEOUS...breathless.....--->A few of the racing thoughts that run through my mind when I see this photo. A statement necklace: the ENDING piece of your outfit to complete a captivating look. You can literally wear a simple white tee/blue jeans, add a statement necklace, and your outfit will dazzle. I posted a few inspirational photos I recently found on Pinterest below. I am absolutely in love with all of them.


Where to find YOUR statement necklace? well you have options...

J. CREW Factory/J. CREW---->Right now most of their statement necklaces are 30-40% off till June 9th..hurry up if you want to get the sale!


BRINABOX.COM ---------> As I mentioned in my previous post, Brina has a variety of different color rose necklaces (like my yellow one). She even has them in bracelets! Very irresistible...


ETSY-------->Have fun browsing through the sellers who are selling statement necklaces...Eventually, you will find one that suites you...

Betsy Johnson/MACYS------->LOVE this lady's unique designs..check out her collection at your local Macy's. You'll be amazed by the sparkle in her pieces.


Now that I have gone statement necklace crazy, I couldn't resist this J. CREW beauty I spotted on SALE!

Stunning thing.


This J.CREW dress i'm wearing in my IG photos below is still on sale ladies! I actually bought it when it was 5$ less so I kinda scored lol...but the dress can be worn 3 ways: 1) Summer dress (like how I wore it) 2) Skirt 3) Or over a swim suite at the beach (pulling it all the up like a tube top). The top is spandex so very stretchable :)


I styled it with a simple gold bird necklace. Now that I think about it, I should have worn my yellow brinabox.com necklace instead. It would have made the outfit pop more with my yellow heels! What was I thinking?

Stay tuned for more statement necklaces with my outfits :) I hope to have a MASSIVE Variety someday!

Jun 2, 2013

.The Colors Of My Life.


~C O L O R S~

June is here! And with June in mind, summer is just around the corner (but if you live in California like me, summer begun months ago ..yea thanks to the icky hotness in cali!) The good news is, there are a few things I get to look forward to. Jason and I are taking a trip to LA next month and I am participating in my first designer challenge downtown Sacramento! I am so ecstatic to be sharing my work with others in my local area! So yes I will be creating a look. As a contestant, I can only choose 5-15 pieces (of clothing, tops, bottoms,..etc) from a local thrift store. I am responsible for using these pieces on my own model (which includes her hair and make-up). I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who is gorgeous and tall and agreed to model for me. Basically I will be creating a theme and story behind my look. I have so many ideas in mind, but I want to keep it a secret until the event. This is my first fashion/designer show! The prize includes exposure in a local newsletter, magazine and website. Wish me luck!

So speaking of thrift store pieces, I found this colorful dress at a local thrift store downtown Sacramento for only $15. The store is called Free Style Clothing Exchange . I LOVE thrift store's especially this one. If you live in the Sacramento area, visit this store! You will not be disappointed!

Of course, none of my outfits are complete without accessories. So I charmed up this dress with my new brinabox.com yellow statement necklace. This dress is so rad and cute already but this necklace just made it say va voom!.

Last week, I wore my J Crew inspired necklace with my red and white striped dress. Great combo!


Over Memorial weekend, I got the chance to hang out with my long time beautiful friend Gardenia. Gardenia is currently a writer and a blogger as well. She is such an ambitious young woman. Check out her blog if you have a chance ---> Social Flower

I also discovered a fun little app called "A beautiful mess". The photos from our camping trip were edited with this cute little app.. <3



Camping was tons of fun. I even came home with a major tan! :D Just in time for summer

Have a Beautiful week Everyone!