May 22, 2013

.Sunshine Brunette.

F r e s h. Y e l l o w.---> My kinda style


Did you know the color yellow represents cheerfulness, intellect, energy, and joy? In many cases, the color Yellow is so vibrant & creates so much positive energy! When my co-worker asked me if I'd be interested in buying a yellow blazer from her that didn't fit the person she bought it for as a gift of course I said yes! The color yellow & me are Best Friends! I don't own that much yellow, but the pieces I do own are my favorite. My co-worker said she found this blazer at Macy's on sale for only $15. I paired this bright blazer with a jean top & white chiffon dress I recently purchased @ sfl.


A c c e s s o r i e s.

Bought this necklace and matching earrings at Target for only $9 on sale! what a deal

S h o e s.

BCBG Generation Jewel Sandals. These sandals remind me of Jasmine from Aladdin for some reason (must be the jewels) Pretty little things...bought them 3 years ago but I've kept them in good condition since then.


Enjoyed my day off preparing for a camping trip we are having this weekend! So much to pack and remember about when going camping...mosquito spray, lanterns, camping stove, paper plates and cups, etc...! I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun in the sun at the lake!


  1. What gorgeous photos! I absolutely love that yellow blazer and the blue necklace together. Beautiful combination!

  2. That fun sunny blazer is amazing - and I LOOOOOVE those gorgeous sandals!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. Your shoes are practically a work of art! Like jewelry for your feet. Love 'em.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the fun bright colors!! you look great!!

  5. Omg I love your outfit here, amazing colours, and the shoes - gorgeous. I want them :))

    Have a nice day,
    xoxo Nika

  6. Love this outfit gorgeous girl!!!! The yellow blazer looks amazing!! Have so much fun this weekend! We are going to the lake too!! Hoping for nice weather! :)

  7. The yellow blazer is beautiful AND I love those sandals :) Enjoy your weekend xo

  8. Such a cute outfit, love it!

  9. Great outfit, I love it. Especially this yellow blazer. I have a very strong feelings for yellow lately haha :)

  10. you look amazing
    gorgeous yellow blazer
    love Vikee

  11. Beautiful outfit! Love yellow!
    Penny Rose

  12. so summery and pretty:)


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