May 19, 2013

.Coral Simplicity.

The color "Coral" always catches the eyes of mine. It's not pink, nor is it orange. It is a combination of both pink & orange. Perfect for Spring & Summer right? I found this Lovely Coral Maxi skirt at Target! Originally I was inspired to find a pink maxi skirt however, I could not find one! I went to about 5 different stores including Forever and could not find just a simple pink maxi skirt. Of course when I make a trip to Target just to pick up something for the house (like toothpaste) I casually make my way to the apparel and what do I find? This gorgeous coral skirt! All this time i'm looking everywhere in town and it was just a few miles away from my home :) Yes I was a happy camper. I even snatched this fierce gold/black belt at Forever for only $8.

||Tank Top|Target(NOW)||Belt|Forever 21(NOW)||Coral Maxi Skirt|Target(NOW)||

In case you have not noticed yet, but Target is my favorite store :) lol Really this store is great and when their items go on sale it is even better. I posted this on IG a few days ago. Spotted this wristlet on sale for only 5$! haha it was mine.

About one month ago I pre-ordered the gorgeous J Crew inspired necklace from Sabrina Box on Etsy. I'm anxiously waiting :( I know this necklace is very trendy this season and very popular. I HOPE it is delivered this week! I can't wait any!

Beautiful right!?

I also have wonderful news! I made the decision to go back to school and complete my degree in Apparel & Marketing Design. I discovered I only have 24 units LEFT to complete the receive my degree. I am determined to have my degree by the end of fall 2014. I'm so ecstatic about this decision! I'm mentally preparing myself for what I will have to endure (studying, test, commitment!) I start in August, just a few months away! I'm ready for this! No matter what, I must stay motivated and determined. Once I have my degree, it will open more opportunities for me to succeed in what I'm most passionate about...FASHION :)


  1. great outfit! too bad we don't have target here in germany :(
    great decision to complete your studies! go girl, you can do it^^

    The Fashion Menue

  2. you look great - ♥
    this ist my blog, come in and find out !
    Neele von ♥

  3. I feel like coral looks amazing with dark hair and a tan, which you have both!! It looks spectacular on you!!! I love love love it and what a great deal!! You scored!! Cute wristlet too!! Congrats on going back to school to accomplish you dreams! It will be so worth it when you are doing what you love!! That's what I kept telling myself through some stressful college classes. :) You will do so great!!

  4. Love this! Looking gorgeous as always! I've been looking for a hot pink or coral skirt too but when I went to target the other day, didn't find any! lol oh well ill keep checking, & I love the gold detail in this belt, coral looks beautiful on you!

  5. I love that maxi skirt! I have a similar one I just purchased :) I'm happy I found your blog. I'm now a follower!

  6. I want that maxi skirt!! Heading to Target now!!

  7. Love the outfit!You are so pretty!


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