Jan 29, 2013

Headscarf Inspired

I like to spend my days off trying something new...So I rarely wear head scarves but I have always adored the look. There are so many ways to wear a head scarf. Some of the head scarf styles I like is the "turban" style (something I will be trying soon), the "urban wrap", and the simple style that inspired me (below "knot tie turban" really cute and simple)...

Found this look on "pinterest" and decided to wear it around the house today. I put my hair up in a sock bun and just simply tied the scarf at the top of my head in two knots (super easy)...check out how I wore it ....

Now I know how to sport my first head scarf look =)
Headscarf is from ALDO


  1. You look beautiful with this headscarf! Like it so much! : )

  2. I wish I could make a headscarf look as good on me as it does on you!! It's gorgeous!!


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